Free Nico Adams Show Tonight

For all of you that live in and around Long Beach, there is a free Nico Adams show tonight at the Long Beach Town Center at 6:00 PM.

From Nico’s facebook page,
Nico’s music is filled with themes, poetry, stories and characters, covering different avenues of life. His sound is energetic, soulful, and playful, yet his lyrics speak of the human heart; loved gained and love lost, filled and broken. Nico has the incredible talent to intertwine the lightness of pop with the intensity of a rapper or the depth of a balladeer.

You should really come check out the show tonight. Nico’s music is super good and he puts on a great performance. His album is coming out soon and I guarantee he won’t be playing many more free shows soon after. So take advantage of the chance to see him for free while you still can.
Check out Nico’s facebook page to learn more about Nico and to hear some of his music.
Purchase Nico’s music from iTunes

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