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[on the rise] Messrs


“Australia’s Messrs create a synth-laden sound that encapsulates nearly three decades of indie-pop.  Using the industrial beats of new wave-era Depeche Mode as a launch pad, Messrs touch on early 90s Pulp-inspired house, all the way up to their modern take on all that has come before.  The band’s debut EP Welcome To Nowhere, with it’s silky sax and pulsing beat, will put a smile on the face of anyone who has ever set foot on the dance floor in the last thirty years, but will also resonate as something startling fresh and original.” [via Planetary Group]

Messrs – Desert (from Welcome To Nowhere EP)


[on the rise] Akela the Lone Wolf


I know very little about Akela the Lone Wolf, but I do know he’s a producer from Northern California, his debut album Catalyst is dropping sometime this year, and i’m obsessed with the first single, “Waaves (feat. JSPR)”.  Easily my favorite song this month.  It’s an experimental/ambient track, with a sound and style comparable to the likes of Blackbird Blackbird, Bonobo, Dntel, and Teen Daze, but definitely an original and creative piece of music.  I can’t wait to hear more.


[on the rise] Summer Aviation


The Seattle-based husband/wife duo Summer Aviation just released their latest single “Thrust”.  Following up their fantastic cover of the 60s staple “Love So Fine”, the duo continues to build buzz around their self-dubbed “sunshine fuzz pop” sound.  Their debut Ep will be released this February.  In the meantime, enjoy both “Thrust” and “Love So Fine” below.

♩Summer Aviation – Thrust

♩Summer Aviation – Love So Fine


[on the rise] SONOIO

SONOIO was born in early 2010, as the result of a series of “conversations” between Alessandro Cortini and an old Buchla Electric Music Box. In his latest musical endeavor, Cortini has carved out a new creative direction in music by using solely his Buchla analog synthesizer, an obsolete instrument from the 70’s, to produce the sounds on his two premiere albums Blue and Red. This strategy had an effect on both the composition and sound design of his music, due to the limited tools used in the recording process.

The Buchla became much like a “second band member” to Cortini, allowing a wider range of sounds and in turn producing more peculiar and unique songs. “The whole compositional process felt like a chess game, where I would make a move, trying to compose in a certain way, only to be antagonized by either the limitations of the instrument, or its quirkiness, ” explains Cortini. “This ‘back and forth’ process led me to composing the bulk of the Blue and Red SONOIO records, allowing me to create something unique sounding, yet familiar and memorable.”

As a former member of Nine Inch Nails who has worked with Ladytron, toured with Muse and recently remixed tracks by HEALTH, Big Black Delta and Nine Inch Nails, Cortini is no stranger to the industry. His work as SONOIO, however, has taken its own path. “This particular project is a materialization of me working on my own for the first time and trying to get as much out of a limited amount of tools, as opposed to using everything that is available to produce music these days.” All of the songs on the records are based on the meaning of the word/name SONOIO, which comes from the Italian phrase “sono io,” meaning, “it is I.”

At once gritty and melodious, Red and Blue draw from Cortini’s past collaborations while exploring a fresh territory more akin to the likes of Crystal Castles and Salem. The result is a series of multi-layered pop records that reveal new emotional terrain with each listen. Cortini spurned heavy-handed studio production with the help of Jonathan Bates (Big Black Delta), while also recording and mixing both the albums himself. Likewise, his live show is an intricate one-man production, which is about to embark on a month-long tour with Ladytron, including stops in Mexico City, Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. [source: planetary group]

♫ SONOIO – Can You Hear Me ♫
♫ SONOIO – Enough (Ladytron Remix) ♫


[on the rise] The Reminding Ideas

LA locals, The Reminding Ideas, are gearing up for the release of their debut, House of Weather.

The Reminding Ideas started as a solution to a problem. The plaguing idea of writing songs to please others, whether it be labels, bookers, critics, or whoever else, became a barrier of creativity for Soule and Mangum. Pushing those pressures aside, the two started The Reminding Ideas to make music that both satisfied themselves and pushed their own boundaries creatively, musically, and production-wise. They incorporate electronic and classical elements, adding reverb, playing through pedals, mixing programmed and live drums, and orchestrating.

The band’s debut album House of Weather was recorded in Soule’s home studio PeopleMover Sound. Most of the songs were written spur of the moment. They then morphed, changed, shrank, layered.

“We built them up, destroyed them, then built them again. We were learning as we went and flying by the seat of our pants. It was very liberating to have our imagination be our limit. Why not write longer songs? Why not have no chorus? Why not have one line of verse? This is how we worked,” explains Soule.

House of Weather means different things to creators Soule and Magnum. They intended it to mean something personal and different to each listener.

Soule describes, “Ultimately it’s about the Universe, and emotions in the universe. What those emotions are is up to you. It’s up to what you hear and how you interpret that. There are parts of the album where it may seem that we think that nothing is going to go well. Rest assured, everything is going to be all right.” [source: planetary group]

I was lucky enough to get an early listen to House of Weather and I was pleasantly surprised.  They have quite a unique sound, which makes if a bit difficult to pin down.  One way I can describe it is if Thom Yorke sang lead vocals for The National, along with some of the minimalist elements found in Sigur Rós songs, thrown in for good measure.

House of Weather is due out Oct. 18th, via Orangehand.

♫ The Reminding Ideas – Vegetables ♫