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Holiday Hangover

The holidays are over and i’ve been forced back to reality.

This is probably my least favorite time of the year. KOST stopped playing Christmas tunes, the decorations are all packed up, the egg nog has gone bad, and the Christmas tree is on it’s way to the big lot in the sky. If that wasn’t bad enough, the job that pays the bills is requiring a lot of my time right now, so there won’t be any new posts after this, probably until about next week or so.
In the meantime, be sure to check out The Hype Machine’s Zeitgeist 2010 — A collection of the very best music of 2010 as picked by music bloggers. Featuring original artwork, full album streams, and DJ mixes created for The Hype Machine. (You can check out my top 10 from 2010 here).
You can also take a look back at all my favorite songs from 2010, (31) Days of Good, and i’ll still be fairly active over on twitter.
Lastly, enjoy this awesome version of Holiday, from Vampire Weekend’s recent iTunes Session (purchase it here), courtesy of Some Kind of Awesome.
Stay Tuned!

(31) Days of Good: Day 2

If you followed any of the coverage from the most recent CMJ, you’ve probably already heard about Zowie. I was first introduced to the New Zealand based, singer-songwriter by The Hype Machine and A Heart is a Spade.

The track i’ve chosen for today is the RAC remix of Broken Machine. This track was featured on the most recent Hype Machine Radio Show (November 2010) and it’s been on almost constant repeat since I first listened to it.
The track definitely reminds me a bit of La Roux, but I think I like Zowie more (i’ll decide on a final verdict after i’ve heard Zowie’s full-length). Without going too much into it, this track is super fun and I bet you’ll hear it at your New Year’s Eve party this year.
Zowie’s untitled debut is set to be released in 2011, and if it’s anything like her first single, Broken Machine, we’re all in for a big treat.
More Zowie @ myspace and
More (31) Days of Good @ 35mmBeats


Baths is LA music maker Will Wiesenfeld and he’s headlining an upcoming US tour (he kicked off a mini-Europe tour today in England). The US tour kicks off Feb 4th in Dallas and ends March 5th in Los Angeles.

Baths is definitely on the rise after a breakout appearance at last months CMJ and a feature on this month’s Hype Machine Radio Show. Mr. Wiesenfeld will be joined throughout the tour with fellow rising acts, the Canadian dream-pop group, Braids, and UK beat maker Star Slinger.

Complete tour dates here.

[favorite] mashUPS

I love mashups. What’s not to like about two or more songs coming together to create something new and exciting? When they’re done right, very little. Done wrong? That’s a different story.

If you’re a regular visiter/listener of the hype machine, you know mashups are all over the blogosphere and I bet if you check right now, there is at least one mashup in the top 10 of thehype machines popular songs. Chances are, one of my favorites below is on that list as well.
But without further ado, I proudly present my favorite mashups (for at least the next 15 minutes). And be sure to check out 35mmBeats for more mashup favorites.

The White Panda are putting out some of the best mashups right now. Unfortunately, I can’t post any tracks, but you can download all of them here (the Big Boi//Discovery mashup, Shutterbug Swing Tree, is my absolute favorite).
Want more favorites of mine? Check out my favorite remixes here and my favorite free/legal music sites here.