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[mix] (31) Days of Good: 2010


As I prep #31days2016, I find myself exploring the tunes from past (31) Days of Good. It seems counter productive when i’m writing about the best new music of the year, but listening to old favorites seems to motivate me more. Last month, Brendan and I revisited the early blogspot days of Concrete Opinions and 35mmBeats on Revolutions Per Minute and had a blast. So, as we approach the “best of season”, i thought it would be nice to share my old (31) Days of Good playlists. 


the go! team at work on new album

2010 is shaping up to be an excellent year for music lovers. i’ve already told you about the upcoming releases from the arcade fire and she & him. now i have some good news regarding another one of my favorite bands, the go! team.
there is something special about the go! team. their eclectic style of noise-pop guitars, 2 drummers, sampling, 70s funk, old school hip-hop, and cheerleader chants make their albums very original and fresh. it’s like a compilation album, except it’s one band, which makes their albums so enjoyable. anything the go! team touches, whether it be their own release or a remix, i’m tuning in.
their two albums, “thunder, lighting, strike” (2004) and “proof of youth” (2007), are in constant rotation on my iPod. obviously, i’m looking forward to their next release, which could be sometime in 2010. check out the article at stereogum for more info.


She & Him Volume 2 set for Spring 2010

she & him is set to release the follow up to one of 2008’s best albums, volume one. the duo recently sat down with paste magazine and discussed some details regarding the new album, volume two, which is complete and set for a spring 2010 release.