About My Opinions

First and foremost, this blog/site (whatever you want to call it) is here for me to write about and share the music I love.  Now for a little history lesson…

I originally started this site back in November ’09 on blogger and after about a year, I realized a couple of things.  One, managing a music blog is a heck of a lot harder than people think.  Two, I didn’t expect to become as committed as I am now, but this commitment eventually led me to purchasing the domain name and hosting Concrete Opinions myself.

Thanks to Brendan/35mmBeats, I wouldn’t have even started my original blog had you not started yours. Thanks to all/any of my readers (I think I have a few out there) for thinking my thoughts and ramblings about music are worth a mouse click.  And a big THANKS to all the bands/musicians/artists that continue to create music that excites, interests, and inspires me to write about it.

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