i told you i would occasionally dabble in topics other than music.

i finished watching the oscars a little bit ago and couldn’t stop thinking about hollywood’s biggest night. do be honest, i was a pretty disappointed. it wasn’t all bad, but it definitely wasn’t great. i’ll be the first to admit, since the nominations were announced, i’ve been harboring some ill will. there were some huge snubs this year, including karen o and the kids for best original song (where the wild things are) and best original screenplay for(500) days of summer. i was pleased with the return of 10 best picture nominations. films likedistrict 9, up, and maybe even inglourious basterds (my 3 favorites) might not have been nominated. overall, i give this years oscars a D+

highlights (in no particular order):
1. hosts (steve martin and alec baldwin): funny, to the point, didn’t overdue it
2. wins for jeff bridges (best actor: crazy heart) and christoph waltz (best supporting actor:inglourious basterds)
3. the dance number for best original score (but i can’t help but wonder this was why they did not perform best original songs)
4. live action ferngully/animated dances with wolves (aka avatar) did not take home best picture. i didn’t hate the movie, i actually really enjoyed it. it was super entertaining, exciting, and visually stunning, but it was not best picture worthy.
5. the king of the world didn’t win best director.
6. james taylor performing in my life for the in memoriam tribute

low points (in no particular order):
1. red carpet show. watching that makes me want to shoot myself.
2. no best original song performances. granted, i only really cared about two of them this year (the weary kind from crazy heart and loin de paname from paris 36), but it is still one of my favorite parts of the show.
3. quentin tarantino snubs. as far as i’m concerned, basterds is the best picture, best original screenplay, and had the best director of the year.
4. the john hughes dedication. john hughes is one of my all time favorite filmmakers. his movies are classics and he had a very special gift. i was sad when he passed and i feel for his family and friends. however, his dedication made the worlds meanest popularity contest even meaner.
5. farrah fawcett left out of the in memoriam tribute
6. barbara streisand presenting best director. streissand, famously dissed in the category years ago (prince of tides was nominated for best picture, streissand was not nominated for best director), presents the award to the first female to win. coincidence? i think not.

that’s all i can think of right now. until next time…

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