(31) Days of Good//12.15.17

Easily my favorite song of 2017. I’ve probably listened to this song 500 times and counting and it never gets old. And with lyrics like this, “What’s a song without you? When every song I write is about you,” it’s impossible not to sing-along.

Future Islands – Ran [from The Far Field]


Of all the great tracks of 2017, this sly ballad from Allie X’s sophomore effort is the one I returned to almost as much as Future Island’s “Ran.” The snappy production and sweet-sounding melody conceal a breakup ballad that I can listen to over, and over, and over again. And if for some weird reason you grow tired with this track, i’ve also included the unplugged version for your listening pleasure.

Allie X – Need You (feat. Valley Girl) [from CollXtion II]
Allie X – Need You (Unplugged)


I’m always excited for new material from The Go! Team, but this track has my expectations at peak levels.

The Go! Team – Semicircle Song [single]


“The feeling that we have everything at our fingertips and have no idea what to do with it all is the overarching narrative of Everything Now, as Butler elaborates in the title track: ‘Every room in my house is filled with shit I couldn’t live without… Every inch of space in my heart is filled with something I’ll never start.’ The album completely revolves around the title track, too, as it opens with ‘Everything_Now (Continued)’ and closes with ‘Everything Now (Continued),’ slight variations on the same theme incorporating portions of lyrics from the title track. When the album is played on ‘repeat,’ segue perfectly into one another, morphing Everything Now into a mobius strip of (you guessed it) infinite content. As brainwashing goes, it’s genius—and as a piece of art, Everything Now is not only worthwhile but rather brilliant. (via Paste)

Arcade Fire – Everything Now [from Everything Now]



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