(31) Days of Good: Day 9

Today’s first pick is by the Canadian five piece dance-punk band, You Say Party. You may know them as You Say Party! We Say Die!, but after the extremely unexpected death of drummer Devon Clifford during a live show, the band officially dropped the “We Say Die” from their name “out of respect for Devon and the evolution of life”.

The bands third full-length album, XXXX, was released early 2010 and is full of moody and melancholic melodies layered with synths and guitar riffs. At first glance, the albums title seems like it is referring to a porn rating, but it’s actually a stand in for the word “Love”. For instance, the opening track There is XXXX (Within My Heart). If you’re not convinced, just listen to the lyrics and you’ll hear what i’m talking about.
My favorite track is most definitely Laura Palmer’s Prom. This track is clearly influenced by The Cure and Siouxie and the Banshees (which is never a bad thing when done right), made evident by the classic synth riffs, the dreamy vocals, and the repeated line “My heart needs a love dance”.

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More You Say Party @ yousayparty.com
Next up is a little ditty from the Irish indie electro outfit, Kowalski. I was introduced to these boys by the good people at Paste Magazine, as part of their new music samplers.
They self released, recorded, and produced their sophomore EP, Take Care, Take Flight, from which this track hails from. Get Back is a really good track, full of breathy vocals, irresistible rhythms, and relaxed soundscapes.
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More Kowalski @ Myspace
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