(31) Days of Good: Day 4

Marina & the Diamonds (aka Marina Lambrini Diamandis) has been hard at work since 2005, but it was really in the last year that she became more of a household name. Marina’s musical style ranges from keyboard-based ballads to more up-tempo new wave-style songs with full band backing—which I love!
Her debut album, The Family Jewels, has been certified gold in the UK and features 5 fantastic singles, my personal favorite being I Am Not a Robot. However, this track was actually released in 2009 (Gareth James from Clash called the track “one of 2009’s best singles…an infectious pop track…) and re-released for The Family Jewels. Consequently, i’ve decided to go with another favorite of mine, the leadoff track from the album, Are You Satisfied?. I’m a sucker for piano/keyboard and this track doesn’t lag in that department.

(sorry, but I can’t post the track)
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Los Campesinos! are an eight piece indie pop band that met in early 2006 at Cardiff University in Wales (interesting little fact, none of the members are actually Welsh). Since then, they have been hard at work showcasing their talents and entertaining fans with their energetic live shows.
The band’s most recent release, Romance is Boring, is another one of my favorite albums of 2010, which made it difficult to pick just one track. One of my favorite things about Los Campesinos! is how each album’s tracks blend together seamlessly, but not one track sounds the same. I went back and forth on this one, but eventually settled with Straight in at 101 (Plan A is in a very close 2nd). Los Campesinos! have always been able to find the humor in the tragic, and this song is a perfect example (pay attention to the brilliant opening and closing lyrics).

(sorry, can’t post the track, but you can find it here)
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