(31) Days of Good: Day 18

Baths is LA music-maker Will Wiesenfeld — a eclectic combination of lush melodies, ghostly choirs, playful instrumentation, and stuttering beats.
Over the last six years, Wiesenfeld has gainfully explored the intersections and out reachers of both electronic and acoustic music. Baths had a big 2010. The debut album, Cerulean, was released in July, the blogosphere couldn’t stop talking about Bath’s appearance at this year’s CMJ, and being featured on The Hype Machine Radio Show is never a bad thing.
Bikini is Nigel Diamond and Olivier Olivier and not since The Postal Service, have I heard of a more interesting way to produce a record.
Olivier composes all the melodies in the fall of each year, drawing his inspiration from the poetry he writes during the summer. He records vocals, exports all his drafts without titles of form to Diamond, and Diamond spends the following spring arranging Olivier’s melodies, rhythm sequences, and vocal treatments — adding his own lines. The result is a finished record. Nothing is sent back to Olivier. The songs are sent from Diamond to be mastered and released. (courtesy of RCRD LBL)

More at biikiinii.com.

And as always, there’s even more GOOD, courtesy of 35mmBeats

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