(31) Days of Good: Day 13

(lazy sunday = extra large post on monday)

I’ve pretty much been covering indie, pop, and some electronic music for the last 12 days, so I figured it was about time to branch out and feature some of the best hip hop of 2010.

Now it’s no secret that hip hop isn’t exactly my favorite genre. Don’t get me wrong though, I really enjoy good hip hop, unfortunately, most of what you hear on the radio and TV these days is complete trash. I don’t care if Kanye made a 35-minute film about beastiality, he’s still overrated. And don’t even get me started on Lil’ Wayne’s (over)use of auto-tune and douchebags, like Asher Roth.
But thanks to modern technology, lesser known hip hip artists have been able to produce some really good stuff and if it weren’t for music blogs and especially the The Hype Machine, I probably wouldn’t know about half of the hip hop on my iPod.
First up, the DC rapper Wale. Wale has been blowing up the hip hop scene and blogosphere with his mixtapes since 2005. Always busy at work, last year saw the release of his debut studio album, Attention Deficit, and his Back to the Feature mixtape. This year, he dropped yet another mixtape, More About Nothing, as well as today’s featured track, the oh so good freestyle, Hold You.
More at walemusic.com (you can download all the mixtapes here)
Next up, one of my favorites these days, Childish Gambino. You may be more familiar with his alter ego, the comedian/actor Donald Glover. Childish has been hard at work this year and has been garnering more and more attention for his indie music inspired mixtapes. Earlier this year saw the release of two must listen mixtapes—I Am Just A Rapper and I Am Just A Rapper 2. This year also saw the release of his third album, Culdesac, and quite a few live performances.
The I Am Just A Rapper mixtapes have been on constant repeat since they first dropped, which makes it’s really hard to pick just one favorite, so do yourself a favor and head on over to Mr. Gambino’s blog and download the mixtapes.
Like Mr. Gambino, these last two hip hop acts i’m featuring today don’t hide their love for indie music. Hoodie Allen is a NY based rapper and songwriter, with a penchant for candid storytelling and witty punchlines. Rapdragons are a Baltimore based hip hop duo with fresh lyrics, impressive beats, and huge hooks.
More at timeforthepeprally.com (you can download the complete album, Pep Rally, here)
More at rapdragons.ltdcomp.com (you can download all of Featuring Baltimore here and more)
Even more GOOD at 35mmBeats (and be sure to check out DAY 4 for more good hip hop from 2010)

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