(31) Days of Good: Day 1

One of the most anticipated albums (and one of my favorites) of 2010 came to us from the amazing, orchestral indie rock band, Arcade Fire. Hailing from Canada, this 7-piece band had the difficult task of following up the critically acclaimed album, Neon Bible, but once again proved they deserve all the praise they receive.
As far as i’m concerned, a truly great album is one you can listen from beginning to end and each track fits together seamlessly, nearly creating one long song—The Suburbs does just that. The album was released last August and I don’t think there’s a bad song on it, but I do have a favorite. From the very first time I listened to The Suburbs in it’s entirety, one track grabbed me the most. Powerfully sang by frontwoman, Regine Chassagne, Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) beautifully reminds us of an adolescent suburbia, teenage good times, and edge-of-adulthood bad times.
I can’t post any tracks for you (sorry), but here’s the unstaged video from Madison Square Garden
Purchase The Suburbs via Amazon (only $1.99 as of 11/30) or iTunes.
More Arcade Fire at arcadefire.com
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