(31) Days of Good: 12.14.15


Gliss released one of my favorite albums this year with Langsom Dans. I’m torn between two incredible tracks from the record – “The Sea Tonight” and “Waves”. Ultimately, i’m going with “Waves” as my favorite because i’m a such a sucker for the track’s cinematic strings. With that said, please do yourself a favor and listen to “The Sea Tonight” when you’re done here.

♩ Gliss – Waves [from Langsom Dans]



“Up-and-coming Danish popstress MØ has released her warmest song yet with “Never Wanna Know,” a lush and laid-back beach jam. In the chorus, MØ sings “I never wanna know/ the name of your new girlfriend,” and manages to instantly break your heart.” via Stereogum

♩ MØ – Never Wanna Know [from Bikini Daze EP]



This Brooklyn duo was one of my favorite discoveries from 2012 and they continued to impress me this year with their second full length General Dome. “Houdini Crush” is easily my favorite track off the album and it really showcases the band’s unique (and infectious) noise-pop sound.

♩ Buke & Gase – Houdini Crush [from General Dome]


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